Canned meat can be powerful.


key points



Re-introduce a company that hasn't advertised since the 1950s.


A Truth

This product nor the people who eat it are interested in glamour. 


Brand Strategy: 

Armour Star, providing food for the prudent.

Comms Strategy:

Immediately practical food. 

Canned meat is a product with zero sex appeal.

Armour Star is a canned meat company that provides convenient and affordable protein for meals or snacks. The product line includes Corned Beef, Vienna Sausages, Potted Meat, Treet and much more. 

Founded in 1867, Armour Star has not run an advertising campaign since the 1950s. The company has no social media presence and its packaging is dated and follows category conventions, leaving little to be desired. 

Additionally, within the canned meat category there is little brand loyalty and few differentiating factors outside of the cult classic, Spam. 

Furthermore, many people view canned meat products to be extremely unhealthy due to their high sodium content and seemingly non-existent expiration date.  



Canned meat is a necessity for many lower-middle-class families in need of a quick and low-cost meal.  These same lower-middle-class families are often forgotten about or overlooked in advertising.


We focused on a target who is already eating canned meat and fostering a sense of understanding and loyalty. We looked for individuals who are searching for convenience foods to use as both a stand alone meal or an ingredient in a larger meal. 




The Sustainer is a man who lives on his own and prefers fast food to home cooking.  He's working a manual labor job where he is burning calories. Outside of work, he uses his little bit of free time to relax rather than take time to cook. He already prefers Armour Star products and appreciates its budget-friendly price. The Sustainer is comfortable with preserved meats and have meat snacks like jerky on hand when he needs a quick meal

The estimated size of this market is around a million men. (Simmons)


Human truth:


 Even when you don't have the time to cook, you still need to eat.




Brand strategy:


Comms Strategy:


Armour Star is food for hard workers


 Armour Star, providing food for the prudent


Immediately practical food

On those days when time is tight and creating a full meal is not on the table, I can still create a full meal in little to no time.


At those times when life is seemingly out of my control Armour Star is always there to ensure that I can at least provide food for right now.


Have more Armour Star products on hand for those times and purchase a wider array of products to create more variety.

Concept: TAKE Lunch.


print campaign


social media spotlights

product extention


Team, Lariena Lui [CBM], Whitney Downing [AD], Parth Raval [CW], Trevor Naughton [ XD]