Spotify Together-  Add photos and make music social.


key points


Challenge:  Redefine discovery to increase listener engagement.


Problem: Listeners aren't using Spotify for anything more than playing music. 


Strategy: Make music the conduit for meaningful connections.


Spotify has identified discovery as its differentiating factor among its streaming service competitors. As of right now, discovery for Spotify is contained to the discovery of new music and artists.  Although discovery is definitely a popular feature on the platform, as evidenced by the popularity of their discovery playlists, listeners are mainly using Spotify as storage for the music they love. 

In order for discovery to truly be impactful,  an action must be taken.  Currently, action on the app is limited to song selection and following playlists. Listeners simply turn on their music in-app and move to another screen. 

We need to expand what discovery means in order to make it even more ownable for Spotify and continue its influence in music culture.



Only 32% of online music streamers share their playlists with others. (Neilsen, 2017) This lack of action is a point of concern when you think about discovery requiring action.

For the first time ever we are looking for more intimate connections online. This is evidenced by the fact that messaging apps surpassed social networks.  (Business Insider Intelligence Report)

Meaning that we are looking for more intimate ways to interact online. We are interested in connecting with our friends and family rather than having an entire network view every detail of our online lives.


Music brings us together and holds a place of importance in many of our lives. Spotify has the opportunity to be the place for this amplification by encouraging more interaction on its platform.



Make music the conduit for meaningful connections.

Societal Truth
We are using audio to disconnect from the world around us - seeking refuge in our headphones.
We are listening to music differently than we ever have, this is no secret. However, the way we are interacting online is also currently in flux. We are connected but we are not connecting. 


So how do we foster meaningful connections?


Concept: Spotify Together

Integrating the ability for listeners to add photography and use music as an amplification device for our memories allows Spotify to become that place.

initial promotion


Experiential Photo booth

You and a friend scan your personal QR code within the Spotify app. In the end get a special song selection and memento all wrapped up in a picture. 

Advertising in the wild

Interactive mood billboards allow anyone to connect and discover music that fits any occasion. Just scan the code.

late night billboard.jpg
Rainy Billboard.jpg

Platform Additions

Expand the current social component by letting listeners share a song they are really into at the moment and allowing listeners to compare music taste and habits with their friends

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Instagram Integration

Add music to your instagram pictures and add an extra layer to the story. 

Instagram Integration.001.jpeg

Application  interface

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Team: Jenna Stout [ST], Lynn Nakamura [AD], Kate Ursu [CW], Laura Strukl [XD], Derek Longest [CBM]