Furniture that moves.


Task: Bring awareness of the product and its possibilities for renters by creating consumer demand for Ori-equipped units.

Ori is a $10,000 all-in-one robotic dresser, drawer and bed product developed by MIT’s Media Arts Lab in collaboration with designer Yves Béhar. The launch of Ori has been focused on property developers and real estate companies as the sole sales channel.  
An Ori equipped studio apartment in cities like San Francisco, New York, and Boston will rent for roughly $3,000 a month.

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Space is at a premium.
In many major cities, new buildings are grappling with the increasingly shrinking size of apartments. Over the last decade, the modern minimalist design trend, coupled with the decreasing size of apartments in major cities means dwellers must be smart about space. Ori Systems tackles this problem by allowing individuals to optimize the space they do have.

Ori is innovating out of necessity.


Present Ori Systems Furniture as the way to maximize your existing space.


Primary: The professional sophisticate -Individuals who acknowledge that what they face is a space problem, not a stuff problem. They don’t have the interest or time to  design their space, but they do have an aesthetic sense they would like reflected in their home.

Secondary: The New Build Contractors - Decision makers who are facing shrinking buildable space as they build in areas that are highly sought after by the market. These contractors have an interest in creating living quarters that keeps construction size small but maximizes the utilization of space as a selling point.


Real estate prices are up and buildable space is shrinking in major cities across the country. 

New building unit sizes are down across all geographic regions.  In fact, high cost markets (i.e.Chicago and LA) and moderate cost markets (i.e.Denver and Miami) are seeing the largest size reductions, -9% and -7% respectively. 

In the highest cost markets (NYC and SF) change in size is coming in the form of unit mix. Meaning more studios and one bedroom units instead of larger family units. (RCLCO, 2016) 


Leverage consumer demand to increase installation of Ori Systems Furniture.


Ori is the creator, leading the way in redefining life in the city.


ORI transforms the perception of what space can be.

Think : No matter the size of the space I have the ability to live fully and functionally in my city of choice.


Campaign: the wonders of space

Feel: I can afford to have a modern in the city without having to compromise my lifestyle or my needs. 


Do: Seek out / demand that more apartments buildings offer Ori - equipped units.