Strolling into parenthood


Task: Create a campaign for the high-end stroller company that has previously relied on influencers to create excitement around the brand.

The Brief


Business Situation


Bugaboo was the first highly popular and recognizable high end stroller with an emphasis on mobility, function, and style. By utilizing the power of Dutch design principles, and offering customization and partnerships with distinct high-end designers, Bugaboo Strollers pioneered a new category in the stroller market. Since it’s introduction in the early 2000s, these strollers have become highly coveted by celebrities and wealthy parents alike.


Category Situation


The category has seen a rise in high-end competition as well as an adoption of the modern design by more budget-friendly brands. Bugaboo has allowed other brands to piggyback off their success, offering style and functionality at a more affordable price and with a more distinct personality. Meaning Bugaboo can no longer rely on brand recognition alone.




As couples wait longer to have children, they’re bring a new level of confidence, comfort, and style to parenting. They want a product that fits seamlessly into their lives, not only functionally, but aesthetically.




Create a leading personality by embracing the confidence of these new (older) parents.




First time parents - Our target parental unit(s) is working in nontraditional fields of work like interior design, photography, architecture and venture capitalism. They have a very distinctive personality and personal sense of style and seek well designed and crafted products in every aspects of their lives.




Parent boldly with Bugaboo.

campaign: Stroll into parenthood

The transition to parenthood is a seamless journey when you give your baby the best possible care.


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Team: Jacob Buller [ST], Lauren Wilson [AD], Dominic Johns [CW]